3D Jigsaw Puzzle
What Automatic creation of 3D jigsaw puzzles of arbitrary 3D shapes.
Which Algorithmically decompose 3D model into puzzle pieces that interlock to form the original model. The puzzle pieces are constructed out of several facets connected with flexible seams permitting accurate surface reconstruction. The puzzle pieces interlock with each other using a familiar male tabs and female blanks. The software runs on a variety of models with varying curvature. The number and size of pieces are parameters to the software.

Why 3D puzzles are fun.
Who Jonathan Bachrach and Saul Griffith and based on techniques pioneered by Ron Fearing et al at UC Berkeley for making microrobots
How Our current technique involves creating puzzle pieces constructed out of a sandwich of two layers of chip board with a layer of polyester between. The polyester layer forms a flexure joint that creates the flexible seams. All the layers and materials are cut using a laser cutter.
When 2010
Where Otherlab