Snap and Asynchronous Logic Automata
What a new paradigm of computing which combines Petri nets, cellular automata (CA), and logic and a language for constructing ALA circuits combining both dataflow and layout.
Which Circuits are built using a simple functional description language. Circuit descriptions are succint, modular, and highly parametrizeable. The basic idea is to combine layout and wire connection into one intelligent greedy mechanism called smart glue. Traditional approaches to circuit creation are inexpressive and slow. Circuit descriptions do not scale well, are brittle, longwinded, and in short, do not provide powerful means of combination, modularity and parameterization. Furthermore, the traditional layout and routing tools require large amounts of CPU time to complete thereby slowing down the entire workflow. ALA's uniqueness provides a big opportunity for introducing a novel approach to circuit design.

adder tree

matrix vector multiplier

serial multiplier
Why Make compute more material compatible.
Who Jonathan Bachrach, Scott Greenwald, Peter Schmidt Neilson, Forrest Green, Neil Gershenfeld
How Scala and C++
When 2009-2011
Where mit cba