What Gel is a new high level hardware scripting language that makes it convenient to specify hardware designs and permits the construction of paradigm specific libraries. It features a rich set of data types, is extremely succinct, and is expression oriented. Modules are described as functions and composed through function calls. Types and bit widths are inferred automatically and functions are automatically folded and common subexpressions are identified. A compiler has been developed that translates Gel to Verilog and a number of applications have been developed.
Which hardware scripting in gel by bachrach, qumsiey, and tobenkin paper in FCCM08

postcard sized a/v fpga board designed and built by dominic rizzo

with 8x8 led grid for video output

movie of board in action

and a compiler to verilog
Why programming hardware in verilog is tedious and low level
Who jonathan bachrach, danny qumsiyeh, mark tobenkin, dominic rizzo
How scheme
When 2006-2008
Where mit csail and caltech
And gooze