Mechanical Protein Folding
What Complete end to end workflow for automatic formation of irregular 3D objects using a folding mechanical protein consisting of space filling polyhedra
Which Our robots are composed from multiple space-filling polyhedra, such as cubes interconnected with universal joints and right angle tetrahedra interconnected with hinge joints. Folding chains of hinged polyhedra into arbitrary 3D solids requires that we complete the following two tasks: (1) Take a description of a target solid, for example, in the form of a closed triangular surface mesh and produce a final configuration including target positions for monomers and joint angles for the joints so that the chain forms a Hamiltonian path through the shape; and (2) Plan for folding the monomers from an unfolded configuration into the final configuration. Specific procedures include rasterization of a target 3D shape, generation of a Hamiltonian path that visits all internal voxels of the target shape, along which the chain robot segments will be lined up in the folded configuration, and, finally, design of a folding trajectory for the chain robot.

complete tour through gorila using polyhedral chain

reverse explosion path planning algorithm
Why Programmable matter baby.
Who Jonathan Bachrach, Saul Griffith, Victor Zykoff
How C++, OpenGL
When 2009-2011
Where Otherlab
And chain combinatorics